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Dreams. Adventure. Escape.

It Begins Here

Purchasing is Easy

  • No Application 
  • No Credit check
  • No bank account required

Payment Options

  • Visa, MC, Discover
  • Certified check
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin
  • Pay in full or Finance

Digital Transaction

  • Purchase online in minutes
  • All Paperwork completed Electronically
  • Secure Payment System
  • Secure Website and forms

Land is our Specialty

Land is all we do and we are good at it! By focusing our attention on this one segment of real estate we have honed our skills at finding quality land and offering it to the public at affordable prices.

Most of our land is purchased in bulk from government auctions.  Prior to the auction we do thorough research to ensure you receive a quality product.  This includes verifying road access to the property, proper zoning and good terrain.   


Why Choose Land Exclusive?

Quality Land Promise

  • Zoning allows for Single Family Home
  • No extreme grades or terrain
  • Legal access guaranteed (no landlocked parcels)
  • Clear title guaranteed

Customer Service

  • Receive personalized service from a family owned company
  • Questions and service requests are usually handled the same business day
  • Our goal is 100% satisfaction!


Current Technology

  • Fully Electronic contracts and forms
  • Legally binding electronic signatures
  • Paperless, efficient and environmentally friendly sales transactions
  • Complete the sale in minutes without leaving your home

Online Security

  • SSL Secure Website to ensure your financial data is protected
  • Compliant with the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”
  • We use Encrypted forms when requesting private data

Account Management

  • As a customer you receive a User Account on where you can:
    • Update your Billing address
    • Update your payment method
    • View your payment history

Customer Support